Saturday, May 23, 2009

MANILA, Philippines – Malacañang welcomed yesterday the writ of amparo issued by the Supreme Court for whistle-blower Lt. Senior Grade Nancy Gadian, saying it would help resolve the controversy over the alleged misuse of Balikatan funds.

Cabinet Secretary Silvestre Bello III said at a news briefing that Gadian would have no reason to snub the probe because she would “now enjoy the protection given by the Supreme Court against harassment and other forms of perceived danger from any authority of government.”


With SC's Writ of Amparo (WA) on Gadian, it is ripe for the Senate to re-start investigating Grand Corruption Cases by top public officials so ensure that witnesses shall now have full protection from the law. Previous witnesses in NBN scandal, World Bank mess, Euro-Generals, Jose Pidal scandal, feared to come out to expose the truth because of harassments from war dogs of Malacanang. Since Malacanang honored SC decision on Gadian, then it has no reason to reject similar SC action to protect state witnesses from exposing Arroyo government anomalies. The WA is a timely precedent!

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